The MEANING of ‘Energy Dominance’

Let me explain – friends. When Admin. Pruitt sez our President is seeking energy “dominance”, it simply means that our dear Lion of a god-Emperor is gonna dress in black leather with his shirt unbuttoned – say, maybe two buttons down. And he’ll have black leather cowboy boots and a black snake-whip and carry one or MORE gold-plated Colt-45 (with pearl handle grips) in a gun-belt FILLED with heavy ammunition. He’ll wear one of those LONG black coats and a black, shiny leather cowboy hat. And his steely eyes will SHINE from under the shadow of that black hat.

Are you with me so far?

Lady Melania will be positively DRAPED over his mighty arm and he’ll walk with a strut and he’ll smile with a snear. He’ll have diamond rings on his hands and a GOLD belt-buckle and Milo (remember dear Milo?) will SWOON when he sees our President and us straight guys will be cheering, “YEAH”!!

So, for one of his first acts as a “dom”, our beloved President is gonna STRIDE into some OPEC meeting and lasso & hog-tie EVERY ONE of the exploiters of human suffering and he’ll drag them all into a whimpering dog-pile. Then he’ll take his cigar out of his mouth and he’ll SPIT on them and snarl, “Covfefe, cupcakes” and “I’m gonna make you BEG for it”!

Are ya liking energy dominance to this point?

So THEN, the god-Emperor, ‘Dom’ J. Trump is gonna grab the reins of his two beautifully bridled, saddled and groomed, mighty steeds – that pull in tandem (a Thorium powered L.I.F.T.R. reactor and a pumping, SPOUTING oil-rig from Texas) – and he and Lady Melania are gonna ride off to the NEXT round-up of ner-do-wells, dragging the scum from the O.P.E.C. meeting behind them, sliding and writhing and bumping along, being smeared with the filth of their own extortion.

And THAT is what I think is meant by “energy dominance”. Our god-Emperor Trump will readily deliver lessons in SUBMISSION to those who refuse or who fail to understand his mastery. And, he’ll gladly show the full meaning of his “black snake-whip” to those who “just like that kind of thing”. Line forms on THE RIGHT! MAGA!!