Unbelievable Alliances

Wait, wait, wait a minute. Hold on. We now have DETERMINED allies in a sort of middle-eastern “nato”, right? We’re building alliances with members of the Pacific Rim and SE Asian and South Pacific nations? We have alliances growing with eastern European nations? And U R telling me now that we’re gonna have real, active, productive alliances with our Central and South American neighbors – who have been exploited by us and others and neglected and ignored for DECADES?

How can I be expected to cope with all of this? I didn’t VOTE for this! {lol!} When I voted for “America First” I thought it meant that we were all gonna get milk and cookies and pictures of Donald Trump and MAGA caps to wear. WHAT DO YOU MEAN that “America First” means the USA taking point and leading the free world? WHAT DO YOU MEAN that “America First” means the USA sharing brain-power and technology and leadership to overcome issues like international crime and corruption and lack of opportunity? WHO PUT THIS ON THE AGENDA?

Next, U R gonna be telling me that there are fresh opportunities for alliances with nations in Africa. NOBODY allies with African nations except to exploit the African people! And you want me to believe that the USA is gonna be exercising leadership to the actual – by god – BENEFIT of Africans? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS? Are all of the African people gonna get cookies and MAGA caps also? (Make Africa Great AGAIN)? 😉

And I won’t be a BIT surprised if you come up soon and tell me that the USA is reaching out to Bangladesh and India and Madagascar and Senegal and OTHERS – to do something with them other than to EXPLOIT THEM! Yeah, go ahead! Try THAT one on me. HAH! You want me to believe this is the 21st century END of colonialism and exploitation and the beginning of true – mutually beneficial – ALLIANCES between potentially prosperous nations doing win-win BUSINESS deals! You want me to believe that?

WELL, I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!! (I’m seeing it – and I STILL can’t believe it!)

It would have been just fine with me for him to NOT BE Hillary or Ohbummah.

I. had. NO. Idea! LOL!


Trillions at stake? Lol. That ain’t even the BEGINNING of all that’s goin’ down! ROTFL!


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