Our President Raising Standards of Living

Dear Treepers, you have helped me to see that I’m aware of nothing in our President’s agenda, nothing in his treatment of “treaties” and nothing in his making of strategic “deals” that prevents 3rd world societies from both raising their standard of living AND also lowering (or preventing an increase in) their carbon emissions.

What I’m saying is that while we might raise our s.o.l. by mere possessions and ostentation, 3rd-worlders might want to raise their s.o.l.  by A) having better access to clean water, B) through simple but effective communication improvements, C) improved but still localized health-care, D) better education and environmental stewardship – and possibly E) some mitigation of some of the barriers to transportation.

They may not need or even WANT the stuff we want.

3rd-Worlders might be VERY grateful to be able to raise their s.o.l. by having governments that are less corrupt, drug-gangs that no longer exist, terrorists that have been driven away, human traffickers who have themselves been sold into slavery and NO MORE DUMPING of 1st world garbage into their communities.

I think our Lion might wind up making MANY 3rd-World friends through some very simple and relatively inexpensive (to us) strategic deals that VASTLY improve the well-being of those who live there – or those who CHOOSE to live there for a more simple life.

“Mr. Trump can do the impossible”. Please continue to pray for him. We have some interesting times ahead of us.


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