The MEANING of ‘Energy Dominance’

Let me explain – friends. When Admin. Pruitt sez our President is seeking energy “dominance”, it simply means that our dear Lion of a god-Emperor is gonna dress in black leather with his shirt unbuttoned – say, maybe two buttons down. And he’ll have black leather cowboy boots and a black snake-whip and carry one or MORE gold-plated Colt-45 (with pearl handle grips) in a gun-belt FILLED with heavy ammunition. He’ll wear one of those LONG black coats and a black, shiny leather cowboy hat. And his steely eyes will SHINE from under the shadow of that black hat.

Are you with me so far?

Lady Melania will be positively DRAPED over his mighty arm and he’ll walk with a strut and he’ll smile with a snear. He’ll have diamond rings on his hands and a GOLD belt-buckle and Milo (remember dear Milo?) will SWOON when he sees our President and us straight guys will be cheering, “YEAH”!!

So, for one of his first acts as a “dom”, our beloved President is gonna STRIDE into some OPEC meeting and lasso & hog-tie EVERY ONE of the exploiters of human suffering and he’ll drag them all into a whimpering dog-pile. Then he’ll take his cigar out of his mouth and he’ll SPIT on them and snarl, “Covfefe, cupcakes” and “I’m gonna make you BEG for it”!

Are ya liking energy dominance to this point?

So THEN, the god-Emperor, ‘Dom’ J. Trump is gonna grab the reins of his two beautifully bridled, saddled and groomed, mighty steeds – that pull in tandem (a Thorium powered L.I.F.T.R. reactor and a pumping, SPOUTING oil-rig from Texas) – and he and Lady Melania are gonna ride off to the NEXT round-up of ner-do-wells, dragging the scum from the O.P.E.C. meeting behind them, sliding and writhing and bumping along, being smeared with the filth of their own extortion.

And THAT is what I think is meant by “energy dominance”. Our god-Emperor Trump will readily deliver lessons in SUBMISSION to those who refuse or who fail to understand his mastery. And, he’ll gladly show the full meaning of his “black snake-whip” to those who “just like that kind of thing”. Line forms on THE RIGHT! MAGA!!



Unbelievable Alliances

Wait, wait, wait a minute. Hold on. We now have DETERMINED allies in a sort of middle-eastern “nato”, right? We’re building alliances with members of the Pacific Rim and SE Asian and South Pacific nations? We have alliances growing with eastern European nations? And U R telling me now that we’re gonna have real, active, productive alliances with our Central and South American neighbors – who have been exploited by us and others and neglected and ignored for DECADES?

How can I be expected to cope with all of this? I didn’t VOTE for this! {lol!} When I voted for “America First” I thought it meant that we were all gonna get milk and cookies and pictures of Donald Trump and MAGA caps to wear. WHAT DO YOU MEAN that “America First” means the USA taking point and leading the free world? WHAT DO YOU MEAN that “America First” means the USA sharing brain-power and technology and leadership to overcome issues like international crime and corruption and lack of opportunity? WHO PUT THIS ON THE AGENDA?

Next, U R gonna be telling me that there are fresh opportunities for alliances with nations in Africa. NOBODY allies with African nations except to exploit the African people! And you want me to believe that the USA is gonna be exercising leadership to the actual – by god – BENEFIT of Africans? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS? Are all of the African people gonna get cookies and MAGA caps also? (Make Africa Great AGAIN)? 😉

And I won’t be a BIT surprised if you come up soon and tell me that the USA is reaching out to Bangladesh and India and Madagascar and Senegal and OTHERS – to do something with them other than to EXPLOIT THEM! Yeah, go ahead! Try THAT one on me. HAH! You want me to believe this is the 21st century END of colonialism and exploitation and the beginning of true – mutually beneficial – ALLIANCES between potentially prosperous nations doing win-win BUSINESS deals! You want me to believe that?

WELL, I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!! (I’m seeing it – and I STILL can’t believe it!)

It would have been just fine with me for him to NOT BE Hillary or Ohbummah.

I. had. NO. Idea! LOL!


Trillions at stake? Lol. That ain’t even the BEGINNING of all that’s goin’ down! ROTFL!

On our Brave D.O.J.’s Operation Broken Heart

(From Sundance’s ‘Last Refuge’ blog – June 27th – “Operation Broken Heart: DOJ Arrests 1,000+ Child Sex Predators During Two Month Sting…” )

Beloved Readers,

It is not my place nor is it my intention to preach to anyone here. I’m not qualified for that nor is that my calling. I just want to point out that we’ve been spared – at least for now. Did you see the fire? Did you smell the brimstone? By virtue of you being able to remember what you’ve seen and smelt,  it means you and I were not consumed. Yet, I’ve seen in some of your writing how SICKENED you are by the smell of this filth – as should all of us be.

It was close enough to us that we witnessed some of the horror – yet we were spared. Because I was spared, does that make me righteous? Not by any means. I was spared because of the covering of the Blood of the Lamb of God. His blood is the only righteousness available. I CANNOT deserve that. I have that covering only because of His mercy. He sought me first.

If ever there was a reason to cling to the Good Lord, to plead with Him for forgiveness and mercy, this nightmare of child exploitation that has been revealed to us, is one of those reasons.

If ever there was a reason for us to cling to and to support our Prophetic President and his righteous council and his fiery warrior of an Attorney General, Operation Broken Heart is one of those reasons (May God Bless and Keep Jeff Sessions and his loved ones and may his tribe INCREASE).

We MUST support this administration in every way possible! Regarding the leaders assembled for our President’s administration and regarding our President himself, let me say again what so many others have said so well before me:


Please think again – PLEASE think again about how incredibly privileged we are!

Our whole NATION was spared the wrath of the One Eternal when we became privileged to have this GIANT of a President. YOU KNOW THAT! More and more I believe this administration is a sign from Heaven.

BTW, is President Trump an Elven King? Is Lady Melania a descendant of some ancient race of the Eldar? Those answers may be revealed in good time but NOW is the time for still more of your precious, loving, sincere prayers of thanksgiving. NO, God doesn’t need our prayers but He uses them (I think) in ways that we can’t yet understand. Our Prayers to Him are a PRIVILEGE we have to participate with Him in His work of reconciliation. I know you haven’t stopped praying. PLEASE don’t stop praying!

The Ancient Scriptures warn us (Leviticus 18:21) “You SHALL NOT pass your children
before the fire!” but you know very well that these precious young people have
been victimized, objectified, violated and “sacrificed” to demonic lusts and to
greed. The Islamic zealots are only slightly more perverse by sacrificing their
children violently as martyrs to their profane, pagan idol. I want you to
understand that those who violate children – or who give countenance to the
violation of any vulnerable persons or creatures – are like the very terrorists regarding whom our beloved Lion warned the GCC saying, DRIVE THEM OUT! I’m saying I think I have no room to be smug or idle. I think I hear the prophet Nathan calling to me. I’m saying I have NOT done enough to prevent child exploitation!

Ask the Good Lord to SHOW YOU ways through which you can quietly, non-violently “drive out” those who do violence to the vulnerable. The Holy One Eternal can show you FAR better than can I. There are a MILLION ways to deny money, resources and credibility to the violators. We can be RELENTLESS in depriving the evil one and his minions the very gratifications they seek. We can be STEADFAST in our prayers for cleansing, for healing and for mercy.

Carefully scrutinize your charitable giving! STRENGTHEN your Churches and your Synagogues! Support our Beloved President and his ASTONISHING Administration in PRAYER and in action! I KNOW who you are and I’m one of the many beneficiaries of your loving prayers! Your prayers are far more powerful than you know!

I don’t much blame anyone for gloating about the falling of the mighty and the rain of
brimstone. Put another way, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting names to be exposed. What I think is more important is for you and me to be seeking the Name that is above every name.

AND I also know that the brimstone smell of the filth being consumed is enough
to sicken EVERYONE – the smell ensures that everyone already KNOWS! WE MUST NOT ALLOW EXPLOITATION HERE, or anywhere. And so, we don’t need to waste time pointing fingers. AND anyway, I think you’d rather be doing everything you can
to rescue every ONE that you can. That’s who you ARE!

I am so grateful to be here with you. There are works of mercy and thanksgiving that we can do together. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your prayers.


Information for Treepers (about Islam)

Just in case anyone here wants to learn more about the violent, nightmare political ideology (disguised as a religion) that’s known to us as “Islam” (Mohammedanism), one of the BEST resources online is Robert Spencer’s (it’s in the Blogroll on Sundance’s TCTH).

Dr. Spencer has some bones to pick with our President but Robert WILL give you AMAZING insight into the lies of Islam and what to expect of Moslem slaves and the hostages of the Islamic ummah. Robert has been burned before and he refuses to rubber-stamp ANYTHING or ANYONE.

Also, Pamela Geller has an AMAZING website at She’s on the blogroll but the URL needs to be fixed (sorry Sundance! I can’t do that for you – I’d be glad to!)

There are dozens of other EXCELLENT blogs telling the truth about Islam but one of the ways we can help MOST is to make our PRIMARY CONCERN to stay in prayer for our PRESIDENT, for his cabinet and for his agenda, for SUNDANCE, for the whole Treehouse, for each other and for the Body of Christ! LEND EVERY MEANS OF SUPPORT THAT YOU CAN!!

And, if all of this terror-threat and jihad violence is too much for you, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CHURCH or SYNAGOGUE! Where the truth of the Only Living God is <b>strong</b>, the lies of Islam have much less influence. Western Europe gave up much of it’s basis in Christianity – and faith in God became a quaint afterthought. How’d that work out for them, hmmm?

Islam is NOT an “Abrahamic Faith”. Islam IS a violent, hate-filled, racist, misogynist, imperialist military-political ideology of conquest and HORRIFIC oppression (shariah). It is only DISGUISED as a religion. Our President can help us avoid the fate of Europe! Christ is our only real HOPE but I sincerely believe our President is doing HIS BEST to be God’s man working out God’s Plan.


(end of foaming at the mouth – for now)

Our President Raising Standards of Living

Dear Treepers, you have helped me to see that I’m aware of nothing in our President’s agenda, nothing in his treatment of “treaties” and nothing in his making of strategic “deals” that prevents 3rd world societies from both raising their standard of living AND also lowering (or preventing an increase in) their carbon emissions.

What I’m saying is that while we might raise our s.o.l. by mere possessions and ostentation, 3rd-worlders might want to raise their s.o.l.  by A) having better access to clean water, B) through simple but effective communication improvements, C) improved but still localized health-care, D) better education and environmental stewardship – and possibly E) some mitigation of some of the barriers to transportation.

They may not need or even WANT the stuff we want.

3rd-Worlders might be VERY grateful to be able to raise their s.o.l. by having governments that are less corrupt, drug-gangs that no longer exist, terrorists that have been driven away, human traffickers who have themselves been sold into slavery and NO MORE DUMPING of 1st world garbage into their communities.

I think our Lion might wind up making MANY 3rd-World friends through some very simple and relatively inexpensive (to us) strategic deals that VASTLY improve the well-being of those who live there – or those who CHOOSE to live there for a more simple life.

“Mr. Trump can do the impossible”. Please continue to pray for him. We have some interesting times ahead of us.